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What Damages Are Available In A Wrongful Death Case?

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After losing a beloved family member, the last thing grieving families should have to deal with is a heavy financial burden left behind by medical bills or future income that will now go unearned. Even in cases where the death of a loved one was caused by the negligent or purposeful acts of another, this is sadly the case for many families.

Thankfully, there are laws in place to assist families of the deceased in a wrongful death case, particularly if the deceased was the head of the household or primary earner. While no amount of compensation can ease the grief experienced from the loss of a loved one, getting the proper compensation in the case of a wrongful death can give you and your family peace of mind during such an emotionally difficult time. The team at Harris & Graves is sensitive to your family’s time of need and can get you the damages you deserve to put you at ease. Read on for more information on the types of damages available from wrongful death claims.

Recovery of Damages Experienced by the Decease

For a wrongful death case to be won in your favor, it needs to be proven that the deceased’s death was unnecessary. This means that your loved one’s death was the result of an act by someone else, which could have been negligible or on purpose. Damages can be collected to cover expenses incurred from the time of the act up until the deceased’s death. This can include medical expenses, missed wages and reparation for the deceased’s emotional and physical state during their final days.

Losses Experienced by Kin

Because a wrongful death is deemed unnecessary (i.e. the deceased would not have died at that time were it not for this one negligent or purposeful act), family of the deceased are often burdened with the loss of an income on top of their emotional devastation. Damages can therefore be collected to compensate the deceased’s kin for their potential financial losses. These damages generally include an amount equivalent to the wages the deceased would have earned from the time of their death through when they would have retired.

Dealing with the stress of a wrongful death lawsuit on top of the loss of a beloved family member is a lot to ask of any family. Hiring the right wrongful death attorney is crucial in order to receive the compensation you and your family deserve in order to move on with life. The right attorney can help get the process completed quickly so that you have peace of mind about your financial situation during this very emotionally difficult time.

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