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Columbia Wrongful Death Attorneys Note Wrongful Death Litigation Following Fatal Interstate Wreck

Survivors have filed wrongful death lawsuits in the aftermath of a Georgia pileup on April 22 that took the lives of five nursing students, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The students were returning to Georgia Southern University from clinical training in Savannah. They were traveling in two vehicles at the time of the accident.

A preliminary investigation suggested that the semi tractor-trailer did not slow down in time to avoid smashing into vehicles caught up in stop-and-go traffic on Interstate 16. Traffic slowed due to another wreck farther up the road.

Civil Lawsuits Filed

Parents of three of the deceased students have now filed wrongful death lawsuits that name the driver, Total Transportation of Mississippi, and U.S. Xpress Enterprises as defendants. A 20-year-old nursing student who survived the wreck has filed a personal injury lawsuit in Bryan County Superior Court.

Truck Had Collision Avoidance Device 

The suits allege that the truck driver did not apply the brakes, and that he did not attempt any evasive maneuver to avoid the two vehicles that carried the nursing students. The lawsuits maintain that a collision avoidance system on the semi is to alert the driver of the potential for a crash.

An investigator for one of the plaintiff’s attorneys located the system in the cab of the truck, but it was unknown whether the system was fully functional at the time of the fatal wreck. A spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol confirmed that the truck had the system.

Although the investigation into this fatal interstate crash continues, it is possible for victims of negligent conduct on the nation’s roadways to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain-and-suffering and lost wages. Survivors of those killed can seek compensation for loss of companionship and burial expenses as well.

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