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Columbia Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help You Attain Some Measure of Justice

Coping with the sudden, unexpected death of a loved one is difficult enough when it happened entirely by accident. When a family member died due to the negligent actions of another party, the grief and anger may feel unbearable. You can’t stop thinking that your loved one didn’t have to die. To add insult to injury, you have multiple expenses related to the death, such as funeral costs and medical expenses before your family member succumbed to his or her injuries.

How Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Can Help

While nothing can bring back the person you loved so much, receiving compensation from the person who caused his or her fatal injuries can help somewhat. The Columbia wrongful death attorneys at Harris & Graves, P.A. have several years of experience assisting grieving families with filing lawsuits. We gather the necessary evidence and hire expert witnesses to prove your claim against the other party. If your wrongful death lawsuit is successful, you could potentially receive compensation for the following:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical expenses incurred by your family member
  • Compensation for loss of companionship
  • Equivalent lifetime wages if you depended on your loved one for financial support
  • Punitive damages if the other party’s actions were especially reckless and negligent

Understanding the Difference between Civil and Criminal Cases

The person or organization that caused the death of your family member may face criminal charges for it. However, that is a separate matter. Even if the other party is acquitted of criminal charges, you are still free to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The O.J. Simpson case in 1994 is a prime example of this. Simpson was found not guilty by a jury, but the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman still won a civil lawsuit against him for their deaths.

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