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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers Note Unusual Hit-and-run Involving School Bus

Hit-and-run accidents occur all too often. However, it is rare when a school bus is in a hit-and-run accident. Fleeing the scene of an accident in which there is property damage and/or personal injury or loss of life may result in criminal charges when the offending motorist is eventually apprehended. Injured parties may also seek relief in civil court.

Accident Details

On Tuesday, January 20, Columbia Police state that a school bus was waiting in traffic on Devine Street near Millwood Street. At that moment, a blue Honda Accord allegedly went around one vehicle before sideswiping the school bus, according to the school bus driver. The motorist in the Accord then allegedly fled the scene. The bus driver was able to note the vehicle’s license plate number, and the authorities were asking the public to notify them of any vehicle sighting.

Child Injured

At the time of the incident, there were children on the bus. One child required transport to a local hospital. That child was reportedly treated and then released from the hospital, according to WisTV.

Importance of Locating Hit-and-run Drivers

Although there is still more to learn about this specific incident, in general, hit-and-run motorists can pose a challenge for victims injured by their negligent actions. South Carolina statutes allow injured victims to seek compensation when it is possible to assert that negligent conduct caused the injury. However, no negotiations with either the motorist or his/her insurance company can occur until the person is positively identified. Therefore, it is important that hit-and-run drivers be apprehended when injuries occur so that it is possible to seek compensation on behalf of those injured.

When a settlement cannot be reached, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit in a South Carolina civil court with appropriate jurisdiction. Such a suit may seek monetary damages for unpaid medical expenses, pain and suffering, and possible lost wages. Our firm offers an injured victim an opportunity to discuss the details of a case with Columbia personal injury lawyers at no cost. To learn more, please contact us.