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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers Encourage You To Be Safe During Flooding

Cars Sinking In Flood Waters Stock Photo

Sunday, October 4 was the wettest day on record for Columbia. Unfortunately, death and injuries came with this record rainfall. Thousands statewide were without clean drinking water in the days after the rainfall. At least nine people died because of flooding, including four who died in traffic accidents. Many others had to be rescued from greater disaster. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to increase your family’s chances of not getting hurt or killed during a flooding disaster.

  • Avoid driving in flooded areas. Even just a few inches of water can be dangerous.
  • If you encounter a flooded or closed road, turn around. If the road is closed, there is likely a safety issue ahead.
  • If you are ordered to evacuate, take only what is essential; turn off the gas, electricity, and water; disconnect appliances; and follow the designated evacuation procedures. Shorter routes might be flooded or blocked by debris. Taking them may result in a delay to your evacuation plans.
  • If you are in your vehicle when it becomes surrounded by water, leave your vehicle if the water is not moving, and move to higher ground as quickly as possible. If flood waters are moving, remain in your vehicle.
  • Avoid entering buildings surrounded by flood waters, both during and after flooding. Even after the water has receded, structural foundations could be damaged by flood waters. Only enter buildings after authorities have said it was safe.
  • After flooding has receded, be careful driving through areas which were flooded. Debris could have been left behind, and roadways could be damaged by floodwaters.

If you were injured in a car accident due to another’s neglectful driving, contact us. Whether weather conditions were great or wet roadways contributed to the accident, our Columbia personal injury lawyers want to help you.