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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Common Driver Errors Leading To Accidents

As experienced Columbia personal injury lawyers, we have seen every type of accident and injury imaginable. Even so, some types of accidents are much more common than others. Unfortunately, one driver’s negligence often causes serious injuries for others. The most frequent driver mistakes that we see in our practice include:

Backing Accident

In this situation, a driver may fail to check the rear and side view mirrors or look over his or her shoulder to ensure there is nothing behind the vehicle.

Head-on Collision

One of the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents, a head-on collision happens when two drivers traveling in the opposite direction strike each other’s vehicle in the front at high speeds.

Left turn/U-Turn accident

These accidents occur when two drivers are approaching from opposite directions and one of the drivers makes a left turn or u-turn without seeing the other.

Rear-end Collision

As the name implies, a rear-end collision is when one car crashes into the back end of another.

Sidesweep Collision

A sidesweep collision happens when one driver makes an improper turn or changes lanes without making sure another car isn’t directly to the side of him or her. This can happen when the cars are going in the same or the opposite direction.

Simple Carelessness is Often the Cause

While many car accidents are caused by drunk driving, speeding, and other illegal activities, a greater number happen due to driver inattentiveness. Reaching to change the dial on the radio station, talking on a cell phone, or applying make-up while driving are just some examples of this. Sadly, these momentary bad decisions can leave another person injured for life. If you believe your car accident was caused due to the other party’s negligence, please contact us at Harris & Graves, P. A for an immediate consultation.