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Columbia Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Fatal DUI Accident

The Columbia Police Department responded to a fatal accident at the 3600 block of Percival Road at around 5:35 p.m. on April 11. The authorities have the 30-year-old man who is believed to have caused the wreck in custody, and he faces numerous charges like driving while intoxicated.

Multiple Vehicle Accident

The suspect in custody reportedly traveled northbound and rear-ended a vehicle that was waiting to turn left, and this initial collision sent the other vehicle into oncoming traffic where it ran into a car traveling southbound on Percival Road. The driver of the car headed south suffered injuries due to blunt force trauma and was killed.

Driver Faces Serious Charges

The driver that started the accident apparently fled the scene but was detained later by police at the Willow Oak mobile home park. He faces charges that include felony DUI involving death, habitual offender – third offense, driving under suspension – second offense, hit and run involving death, failure to give information and render aid and no driver’s license. The man was held at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center after the crash.

Hope For Injured Parties

While a responsible driver may face criminal charges after an accident, a claim in civil court can help those who were injured in a crash receive compensation for medical expenses and other costs related to the accident. Even when someone is entitled to restitution after a wreck, insurance companies might try to avoid paying or giving someone the full amount owed. Columbia personal injury attorneys can help plaintiffs by talking to insurance companies or preparing a case for trial if necessary. If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accidentcontact us to learn about your rights.