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Columbia Injury Lawyers Discuss The Lifetime Cost Of Amputation

Amputation of an arm, hand, fingers, legs, toes, or feet is more common than you might think. For every 200 people living in the United States, one has had some type of amputation. The majority of these amputations are as the result of a traumatic accident. The most common types include car and motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, industrial accidents, and cases of medical malpractice.

If you’ve experienced any type of amputation, you are well aware of how much it has changed your life. At a minimum, you probably needed a prosthetic device to replace the part of your body that was amputated. You may be in a wheelchair or require extensive physical therapy to get anywhere near your original level of functioning. As difficult as all of this is, many amputees state that the cost of ongoing care is the most stressful of all.

More Than Half a Million Dollars

In 2007, PubMed.gov conducted a study to determine how much money amputees spent over their lifetime to access the care they needed. This included costs for:

  • Hospitalization following the initial injury
  • Subsequent hospitalizations for treatment of infections and other complications
  • Rehabilitation in an inpatient facility
  • Doctor’s appointments for routine care
  • Physical and occupational therapy in an outpatient facility
  • The initial purchase and ongoing maintenance of prosthetic devices

The report concluded that the average cost of amputee lifetime care was $509,275. Since this was eight years ago, you can expect today’s cost to be much higher. If you are struggling with your finances due to an accident someone else caused, Columbia injury lawyers can help.

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