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Columbia Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Orangeburg County Collision

State troopers provided the details of a two-vehicle crash at an intersection in Orangeburg County that occurred at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29. The accident occurred where SC-70 meets Shillings Bridge Road, according to a report by News2.

Collision at Intersection

The authorities state that a 1988 Chevrolet pickup was southbound on Shillings Bridge Road. As the driver of the pickup attempted to turn on to SC-70, a 2013 Honda collided with it.

Injury and Loss of Life

The driver of the pickup truck was pronounced dead at the scene. An ambulance transported the 29-year-old Honda driver to an area hospital. The authorities described the motorist’s injuries as non-life-threatening in nature. This fatal two-vehicle wreck is now the subject of an ongoing investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Although the investigation into this accident is in its preliminary stages, South Carolina state law does allow victims of negligent conduct, or their survivors, to seek compensation in the state’s civil court system. Civil litigation commonly seeks monetary damages for unpaid medical bills, pain-and-suffering, lost wages and possible long-term rehabilitation expenses.

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