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Columbia Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Alleged Faulty Lane Change

According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, two sport utility vehicles collided on U.S. 501 near Carolina Forest at approximately 11:59 a.m. on June 22. The accident reportedly happened near the local Dunkin’ Donuts, according to wdpe.

Lane Change Goes Awry

A spokesman for the State Highway Patrol says that a 2012 Honda SUV and a 2000 GMC SUV were both southbound on the highway just before the collision. The motorist behind the wheel of the GMC attempted a lane change, but the GMC struck the rear of the Honda.

Driver Ejected

The GMC SUV overturned, and the driver was ejected. The motorist did not survive the crash. The spokesman for the South Carolina Highway Patrol indicates that the deceased was not wearing a seatbelt.

The spokesman further stated that the authorities did not expect to file any charges in the aftermath of the fatal event. The southbound lanes of U.S. 501 required closure for approximately two hours so that investigators and cleanup crews could complete their work.

Although the full details of this fatal accident are unknown until the investigation is complete, certain accidents may result in civil litigation. If an injured victim, or survivors of a deceased individual, can reasonably assert that negligent conduct caused injury or loss of life a lawsuit is possible in the state’s civil court system.

It is often possible to seek compensation for various losses including pain-and-suffering, medical expenses, lost wages. When a fatality occurs, it is often possible for survivors to seek compensation for burial expenses and loss of companionship.

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