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I Was Hurt Driving a Commercial Vehicle: What Can I Do?

When you work as a commercial driver, one of the most stressful situations you could experience is being involved in an accident. Commercial driving accidents, particularly those involving trucks, are often very damaging, meaning you might have suffered serious injuries that prevent you from working. After your commercial driving accident, you’re probably thinking about compensation…

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Filing a Work Accident Report: What You Need to Know

Work related injuries can happen very suddenly and can result in devastating injuries. After your injury, you might be planning on applying for workers’ compensation benefits to support you until you heal. However, before you will be able to receive your benefits, you will need to fill out and submit an accident report. If you’ve…

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How Much in Workers’ Comp Benefits Can You Get?

If you’ve been hurt on the job, then probably one of the primary issues on your mind is how you are going to support yourself and your family until you can return to work. It is for these exact circumstances that workers’ compensation benefits were designed. However, if you’ve never received workers’ comp before, you…

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How to Make Sure You’re Paid Workers’ Comp in South Carolina

When it comes to workers’ compensation, you like to think you can count on it being there, on having your medical bills paid for should you get injured in the course of employment. The unfortunate truth is less hopeful: insurance companies that provide this coverage don’t like to pay out. They claim it’s to avoid…

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I Was Injured by a Coworker; What Can I Do?

You may have heard that when you’re injured at work, you are covered by workers’ compensation. You may also have heard that you don’t have the ability to sue your employer for additional damages. When you’re injured at work, but someone else is the reason for your injury, this can be frustrating, especially when the…

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What You Need to Know About Construction Site Injuries

 It could happen to just about anyone. You’re walking downtown, past a construction site, and you either slip and fall from damage, or something falls and injures you. Construction projects seem to be ubiquitous these days and the dangers they represent can’t be understated. What happens when you do get hurt in such a situation?…

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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Nerve Damage?

It is possible to receive a nerve related injury in nearly any kind of work environment. Because of this, a lot of workers’ compensation covers injuries involve nerve damage. If you have sustained nerve damage while you were on the job and need to file a workers’ comp claim as a result, reach out to…

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Are Work Injury Claims Different Than Personal Injury Claims?

One similarity between work injury claims and personal injury claims is that they both involve bodily injury.  Another similarity is that both types of claims are filed in order to collect monetary compensation for bodily injury. The similarities end there, however. The major difference between the two types of claims is that a personal injury…

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Work Injury Liability: Who Can You Sue?

Complacency is common when filing work injury claims. This is understandable, as many believe that workers’ compensation insurance was meant to handle every type of work injury. However, before contacting a Greenville workers’ comp attorney, you should be familiar with some of the likely instances where you may be entitled to a lawsuit. Harris and…

Worker's Comp Lawyer | Harris & Graves

What Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation, commonly known by its shorter nickname workers’ comp, is a government-mandated safety net to provide reparation to any employee who suffers a work related injury or illness. There are both federal and state workers’ compensation programs and laws, but unless you are a federal government employee, chances are you will fall under state…