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What Qualifies As A Slip and Fall Injury Case in South Carolina?

It can happen to just about anyone at any time. You’re just out for a good time, or headed to the store, or going about your daily business. Suddenly, you find yourself on the ground, sometimes with a serious injury. The accident was caused by a dangerous condition that you didn’t see, that you weren’t … Continued

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Can I Sue a City Over an Accident-Related Injury Claim?

Filing a lawsuit against a municipal entity, be it city, state or federal government can be tricky. However, if you are injured due to the city’s negligence, it may be possible to collect damages from the local government. However, there may be complications and limits on what you can collect. Learn about the complications and … Continued

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Am I Eligible to File A Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Slipped on Ice?

When you slip and fall, especially in public, it’s not only painful but embarrassing. Even worse, you can suffer serious injuries that can take months or even years to fully heal. Some people, indeed, never get better at all. When this happens, you feel like you’re entitled to compensation to help you pay those expensive … Continued