Men Receiving a CAT Scan after severe head injury

How to Prevent Traumatic Head Injuries

The safest way to avoid a traumatic head injury is to understand how to prevent or reduce your risk of getting one. Learn how to prevent traumatic head injuries, and contact a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured and need legal representation. Safety Basics Following proper safety guidelines is the easiest way to prevent…


What to Do after an Accident Causes a Brain Injury

Our brains are complex machines. Everything from seeing to breathing is filtered down through the brain. It is made up of millions of tiny parts all working together to control and coordinate our body’s systems. Even minor brain injuries can damage or disrupt its functions. Eight common effects of brain injuries: Memory Impairment or Loss…


Hit-and-Run Raises Questions About Safety at Assisted Living Facility

There are people in our state that require special care.  Assisted living homes are placed throughout South Carolina and exist to make sure that those who can’t care for themselves are cared for by others.  As personal injury lawyers in Columbia, SC, we know that sometimes that care is sub-par or even negligent, which is…


South Carolina Man Builds a Business While Recovering From an Accident

There’s no question that accidents change lives.  We’ve worked alongside enough families that have been affected by serious accidents to know that the consequences can be truly life-altering.  One South Carolina man, however, took a horrific accident experience and turned it into a successful business. The man from Myrtle Beach was driving along the interstate…


Accidents and Arrests Follow Saturday’s Big Game

Last weekend hundreds gathered in Columbia’s famous Five Points to watch USC take on Georgia. Excitement was high and there was a lot to celebrate as the Gamecocks dominated the Bulldogs. But some fans may have celebrated a little too hard, and Columbia jails got quite a few new visitors once the game was over.…