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Will I Owe Taxes on My Car Accident Settlement in South Carolina?

When you finally get your settlement award for your car accident case, it can be a huge relief. After all, you’re counting on the money you receive to continue to make ends meet while you try to recover and get your life back. Many people, however, are rightly concerned about whether this money that’s sorely … Continued

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Silver Car With Severe Front End Damage

Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Company About My Minor Car Accident?

Car accidents are a very common occurrence. However, not every car accident is serious. Most, in fact, are very minor, barely reaching the level of a fender bender. If you’ve been involved in a minor car accident, then you might be wondering if you must tell your insurance company about your wreck. Because dealing with … Continued

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Can Bars Be Held Liable For Drunk Driving Accidents in South Carolina

Drunk driving accidents are an epidemic across the nation, with thousands of people being injured or killed every year due to the irresponsible actions of someone who had no business being behind the wheel. When these tragedies occur, someone needs to be held responsible for the injuries and suffering inflicted, and someone needs to pay … Continued

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