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Car Seat Safety And How Important It Is

Child's Car Seat Stock Photo

Each year children are injured and even killed in car accidents because they were not properly restrained. As we enter 2016 it is a good time to review car seat safety. South Carolina car accident lawyers want to provide you a few car seat tips so your child can avoid harm should an accident occur. The three keys to remember are proper installation, proper size, and proper use.

Proper Installation

For a car seat to provide protection in an accident it must be properly installed in the car. Different car seats have different installation instructions so be sure to read the manual for your particular car seat. In many areas the local police offer free car seat checks. This is worthwhile since they will be able to verify you have properly installed the car seat. If the seat is not installed correctly they can help you make adjustments.

Proper Size

Sometimes parents overlook the sizing regulations for the car seats. Car seats are manufactured and tested to protect children of a certain age and weight. A parent may hear that all of their friends kids have switched to a booster seat so they go get a booster seat too. However, if their child is a lighter weight than their friends a booster seat may not be adequate. Be sure to read and follow the age and weight regulations for your child.

Proper Use

A car seat will not provide protection if a child is not buckled into it properly. Parents need to verify that the buckle is clasped and that the straps fit tightly. If a child is wearing a sweatshirt one day and a t-shirt the next the straps will need to be loosened and tightened accordingly. Parents need to take the time to check that the child is properly strapped in every time they get into the car.

Safety of children is of the utmost importance. An easy way to ensure a child’s safety is to correctly use a car seat every time you drive. Implement the above tips to keep your child safe. Contact us for additional information.