High school football player quarterback in a game.

Why High School Sports Injury Lawsuits Are Usually Dismissed

In order for the lengthy tradition of high school sports to weather the risks of an increasingly litigious society, state governments and individual school boards drafted clear rules explaining the liability — or lack thereof — for schools and school staff operating sports programs like the upcoming winter hockey season. At the heart of these…

Baby touching the switches of a stove

Tips for Staying Safe in the Kitchen This Holiday

The holiday season is almost upon us, and that means family gatherings and hours spent in front of a hot stove preparing seasonal favorites. While the holidays are a time of joy and togetherness, they can also be a time of tragic injuries, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Before you prepare your favorite…

consoling a worried relative in the hospital

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

When a family member dies as a result of a negligent or wrongful act of another person, surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the alleged at-fault party. Every state has wrongful death laws that give individuals a right to sue for damages resulting from the death of loved ones.…

Testing neuropathy

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Nerve Damage?

It is possible to receive a nerve related injury in nearly any kind of work environment. Because of this, a lot of workers’ compensation covers injuries involve nerve damage. If you have sustained nerve damage while you were on the job and need to file a workers’ comp claim as a result, reach out to…

Closeup on business woman with wrist pain

Are Work Injury Claims Different Than Personal Injury Claims?

One similarity between work injury claims and personal injury claims is that they both involve bodily injury.  Another similarity is that both types of claims are filed in order to collect monetary compensation for bodily injury. The similarities end there, however. The major difference between the two types of claims is that a personal injury…

disc break

What Happens When a Brake Failure Causes a Truck Accident?

When you’re in any kind of accident it’s traumatic at best. Truck accidents, however, are far worse because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved and the much greater amount of damage inflicted. Further, when you’re involved in an accident with a truck you may not even be sure who is responsible for the…

Men Receiving a CAT Scan after severe head injury

How to Prevent Traumatic Head Injuries

The safest way to avoid a traumatic head injury is to understand how to prevent or reduce your risk of getting one. Learn how to prevent traumatic head injuries, and contact a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured and need legal representation. Safety Basics Following proper safety guidelines is the easiest way to prevent…

mechanic replacing a wheel after car accident

Tips for Getting Your Car Repaired After an Accident

When you’re in an accident, it would be so nice if things were cut and dry. The responsible party would step up to the plate, admit their accountability and pay for the damages. Unfortunately, this isn’t how things always play out. Often you’ll need to fight not just the other driver, but their insurance company,…

Car crash

What if My Car is a Total Loss?

Suffering a car accident is one of the most affecting experiences of a person’s life, often causing extreme emotional and physical turmoil, not to mention to damage suffered by your vehicle. When you make an insurance claim following a car accident, it’s possible your insurance company will declare your vehicle a total loss, possibly leaving…

Injured man receiving a low settlement offer

3 Ways Insurance Companies Derail Personal Injury Victims

When you are trying to file a personal injury claim with an insurance company, you expect to be handled with honesty and fairness. However, that is not always the case. While many adjusters employ fair and honorable methods, sadly, some will not. There are a variety of tricks that the less than scrupulous adjusters will…