South Carolina Truck Accident Attorneys Explain the Common Causes for Big Rig Accidents

South Carolina truck accident attorneys see hundreds of accident victims each year. Although the circumstances surrounding each accident are different, there are nonetheless some common factors that contribute to a majority of them here in the Palmetto State. The Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration reports that truckers are ten times more likely to wreck because of…


South Carolina Injury Lawyers Reveal Latest Government Stats on Workplace Deaths

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the latest preliminary information on fatal injuries in the workplace, which came out August 23, 2013. Total injuries numbered 4,383 in 2012, down from the 4,693 of the previous year. This is the second lowest preliminary total since the injury survey was started in 1992. The construction sector showed…


Finding a South Carolina Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Each year, many people get injured while at work. According to the U.S Department of Transportation website, in work zones alone, there are roughly 37,500 injuries per year or one every 14 minutes. Add in other work-related injuries, and there are many people throughout our state and nationwide getting injured at work on a daily basis. If…


South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Reveal Car Crash Statistics

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that South Carolina showed 828 traffic deaths in 2011, an increase over the previous year’s 809 fatalities. This amounts to a rate of 1.65 deaths per 100 million miles traveled, compared to 10.39 for all of the United States. Rural areas were deadlier with about 694 deaths compared to 134…