Handling A South Carolina Automobile Insurance Repair Claim

Nobody wants to crash. It is never worth it. If you’re reading this post, you or a friend are probably in a situation. If so, then the information about how to make an automobile repair claim will help.   In South Carolina, automobile liability insurance companies must act immediately to fully settle property damages when negligence…


Stricter Fines Could Follow a Work Zone Car Accident

It should be common sense that speeding through a work zone is dangerous.  That doesn’t stop drivers from doing it, however.  Every year there are roadside workers who senselessly lose their lives simply because a driver broke the law.  Well, South Carolina lawmakers are looking to change that. It was only two weeks ago that…


How to Make a South Carolina Automobile Property Damages Claim Without an Attorney

You have three property damage insurance claims you can make when your car is in an accident with a careless South Carolina driver :  A liability insurance claim (his policy); A collision insurance claim (your policy);  and A uninsured motorist claim (your policy).  Let’s go in order.   Liability Insurance Claim If the other driver is legal,…


You need to read this if you travel on rural roadways!

TRIP, a national transportation research group, recently published findings on the safety and conditions of rural roadways around the US. When it came to fatalities, the US state that led way was unfortunately South Carolina. Across the US, most fatalities on highways occur in rural areas. Rural roads are frequently in poor condition; for example, lane divisions…


Who Are Some of Greenville’s Most Dangerous Drivers?

Teenage drivers may not set out to be reckless, but that doesn’t make their inexperience any less of a threat.  They don’t have years of behind the wheel training and that lack of real-world driving experience means that young drivers are at a greater risk for accidents. Just last week in Oconee County, a woman…


Have you been hurt in a logging truck accident?

After a recent accident on Highway 25 North in Greenville, the truck driver who was apparently responsible spoke candidly about the mistake he had made. He had been driving a loaded logging truck behind a smaller trailer. When the smaller trailer began to turn off the highway, he decided to drive around it. He didn’t spot the…


Forensic Investigation of Motor Vehicle Collision Sites

Often there is a disagreement about what happened to cause a motor vehicle collision. Fortunately, there is usually forensic evidence at the scene that can corroborate your story. However, one must move quickly to gather the evidence or it will be lost forever. In a bad collision such as one with death or serious injury,…


What To Do If You Are In A Wreck

Stop your vehicle. Drive the vehicle off the road to the shoulder so it is not endangering other drivers.  Hopefully, nobody is hurt. Call 911 and report the collision.  Try to make sure other drivers approaching the collision have time to see it and take evasive action. Activate hazard lights in your car.  If you have…


The importance of gathering evidence quickly after your car accident

When you deal with a car accident here in Columbia, time is going to be of the essence when hiring car accident attorneys to represent you. Out of many reasons, part of that legal representation is gathering evidence in order to make your case strong when it’s time to negotiate a settlement. When someone else is clearly…