Are Greenville Car Accidents More Likely To Occur Near Your Home?

Unfortunately, some drivers only take life-saving precautions when they are traveling a long distance.  If they are taking a quick trip around the corner, they might not think a seatbelt is necessary.  The truth is that most car accidents actually take place within 25 miles of the driver’s home. A certain amount of relaxation comes…


100 Deadly Days of Summer Unfortunately Lives Up to Its Nickname

The time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been dubbed 100 Deadly Days of Summer by South Carolina troopers.  Unfortunately, these summer months often see a large increase in alcohol-related traffic accidents.  An estimated 200 people in South Carolina will die each year because of impaired driving between these two holidays. In general,…


Total Loss Property Damages Claims

How do you figure out the amount of compensation you are owed when a car is classified as a total loss? This blog post will show you how to establish a total loss property damages automobile insurance claim in South Carolina. Pre-collision Value  Opinions The first step is acquiring expert opinions to prove the true…


Columbia Car Accident Attorneys Note Lexington County Crash

On August 28, 2014, an early morning collision between a passenger car and a tractor-trailer resulted in a loss of life. In the aftermath of the Lexington County accident, a spokesman for the South Carolina Highway Patrol relayed details of the incident. He stated that the crash occurred at about 6:40 a.m. on U.S. 178,…


Columbia Car Accident Lawyers Are Concerned about Deteriorating Infrastructure

Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure across the US could definitely use some improvement overall. A 2013 report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the US a grade of D+ for the overall quality of its infrastructure. In South Carolina specifically, roughly 40% of the roads are reportedly in poor or mediocre condition, and roughly 21% of…


Three Factors that will Declare A Wrecked Vehicle as a Total Loss?

When your car is heavily damaged in a South Carolina motor vehicle collision it sucks. I know this from personal experience.   The automobile insurance company responsible for paying the damages claim will have to make some quick decisions.    This post explains the insurance decision-making thought process in determining whether to declare a vehicle…


Are You Doing Your Part to Protect Our Kids From South Carolina Bus Accidents?

South Carolina school buses carry our most precious cargo.  There’s no excuse for driving recklessly around one, if anything, you should be extra cautious.  That’s what makes a recent bus accident in Spartanburg County all the more distressing. Last week at the intersection of River Oak and Quail Creek, a woman driving a pickup truck…