Workers’ Compensation Options for Your Repetitive Use Injury

A repetitive use injury or strain injuries most commonly occurs while on the job and is the number one reason for missed work. These types of injuries affect thousands of South Carolina workers each year. According to OSHA– the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety, and Health Administration– more than $20 billion a year is awarded…


Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers Explain How to Move Forward

Some of the most common types of injuries to the residents of Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and surrounding South Carolina areas, are soft tissue injuries.Soft tissue injuries often occur in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports-related accidents, dog bite attacks, work-related accidents, and slip and fall accidents. Common soft tissue injuries: Sprains Strains Contusions Tendinitis Stress…


What to Do after an Accident Causes a Brain Injury

Our brains are complex machines. Everything from seeing to breathing is filtered down through the brain. It is made up of millions of tiny parts all working together to control and coordinate our body’s systems. Even minor brain injuries can damage or disrupt its functions. Eight common effects of brain injuries: Memory Impairment or Loss…


Getting Help after Suffering a Back or Spine Injury

Back and spine injuries can change a person’s life in an instant. They can cause constant pain, decreased mobility, loss of sexual functions, and even paralysis. The victim’s family members are also directly affected by these types of injuries. Common back and spine injuries include: Work Injuries Diving Accidents Electric Shock Sports-Related Injuries Bullet Wounds…


South Carolina Attorneys Discuss Slip & Fall Injuries

  Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of injury and death among South Carolina residents after auto accidents. Such accidents can cause serious injuries to the back, shoulders, knees, elbows, and wrists. Slip and fall accidents are often the result of direct contact with an unsafe surface such as: Wet Floors Stairs…


What To Do If You Are In A South Carolina Car Wreck

. Stop your vehicle. Drive the vehicle off the road to the shoulder so it is not endangering other drivers.  Hopefully, nobody is hurt. Call 911 and report the collision.  Try to make sure other drivers approaching the collision site have time to see it and take evasive action. Activate hazard lights in your car. If…


How to Use Your Smart Phone To Create Powerful Forensic Evidence

. The collision site is now a crime scene. Even if you’re not a policeman, attorney, private investigator, or paralegal, you can still undertake a professional wreck investigation with one simple, everyday tool–the smart phone. Keep your head and use it. This post gives you some examples of how to use a smart phone to gather forensic evidence and…


Total Loss Property Damages Claims

  How do you figure out the amount of compensation you are owed when a car is classified as a total loss? This blog post will show you how to establish a total loss property damages automobile insurance claim in South Carolina.   First, Determine the Pre-collision Value  of Your Vehicle The first step is…


Should You Take Photos at Your Accident Scene?

Hiring Columbia car accident lawyers to help you through a car accident is essential, especially in the gathering of evidence not long after the accident occurs. While that evidence is going to be cumulative, one of the most essential is taking photographs. It’s something we’ll do here at Harris & Graves, P.A. when you approve…


Dark Clothing May Have Been Factor in Anderson County Pedestrian Accident

As a pedestrian in South Carolina, your #1 concern should be making sure that you are seen by motorists to avoid a pedestrian accident.  Motorists aren’t always going to be looking out for you, so unfortunately your safety is often in your own hands. Just last week, a terrible accident occurred in Anderson on Old…