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Repeat Offenders: Convicted DUI Drivers Causing Deadly Accidents In The State

Many auto accidents in South Carolina have a reasonable explanation – a slick road, a malfunctioning stop light, a simple distraction, any number of things. But there are some auto accidents that are unthinkably terrible, even to seasoned auto accident lawyers in Greenville. An accident that occurred recently in Spartanburg County falls firmly into that … Continued

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Do You Need To Call A Columbia Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer?

If you are going through a disabling illness or an injury, you are probably going through a nerve-wrecking and overwhelming time. You are probably constantly scheduling doctor’s appointments, paying medical bills, and worrying about your finances. You do not want any additional frustrations and concerns, but this is what you may be faced with if … Continued

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Some Upset Over Sentence For Former Head Of SCDOT After DUI Arrest

DUIs are incredibly serious crimes. The recklessness of driving while intoxicated can’t be overstated. The decision to drink and drive not only affects the driver but can easily harm others and take lives. We hope that these drivers will be held accountable for their negligence, and when they aren’t, we have reason to be upset. … Continued

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Energy Company Faces Charges For Illegally Dumping Hazardous Materials

Duke Energy is finally facing charges in connection to pollution at five nearby power plants. These plants have long been producers of dangerous coal ash, which prosecutors are claiming was illegally dumped. These violations of the Clean Water Act are believed to have been allowed for years by Duke Energy, the country’s largest electricity company. … Continued

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