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Explaining Safe Braking Techniques

Your brakes are vital to the safe operation of your car. When used incorrectly, they often contribute to or cause accidents. Good braking technique is not only about how to use your brakes, it is also about knowing when and when not to use them. In normal situations and ideal road surface conditions, using your…

How Loose Objects in a Car Become Deadly Missiles

How Loose Objects in a Car Become Deadly Missiles

Responsible motorists use their seat belts because they understand the kind of harm that flying into a dashboard at 60 mph can do. Parents also protect their infants from the same danger by using child safety seats. At the same time however, they use the passenger areas of their cars for carrying their computers, smart…


In Depth Look at the Dangers of Hypothermia

Hypothermia occurs when the body’s temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When your body loses more heat than it can generate, your core temperature drops. If nothing is done to stop this you will experience hypothermia symptoms that get progressively worse. The First Stages of Hypothermia Convulsive shivering Slurred speech Lethargy Loss of coordination Confusion…

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Six Common Reasons Why People Speed

Nearly every driver is aware that speeding is dangerous. They are taught this fact in their driver’s education course before getting their license and have doubtless heard plenty of public safety messages stating this. Yet, they continue to speed and contribute to the yearly carnage of speeding related fatalities. Why do they do this? As…

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Three Mistakes People Needing Workers’ Compensation Make

When you get hurt on the job, you need workers’ compensation to make ends meet. This compensation will help keep the lights on, and your family fed until you can get back to work. Unfortunately, receiving the workers’ compensation you deserve is often difficult. Insurance companies will do everything necessary to keep you from your benefits. Here…

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Work Zone Safety Must Know Information For The Road

The smooth and efficient interstate travel that everyone takes for granted would not be possible without the maintenance and construction done in work zones. This is why motorists should not feel frustrated or impatient when driving through them. In truth, most work zones do not add significantly to your overall commute time because they are deliberately set…

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Situational Awareness and What You Should Do To Increase It

You cannot drive safely without knowing what is happening on the road. This requires an expanded situational awareness which means more than merely avoiding distractions. Even when not distracted by their mobile devices, many drivers get into needless accidents because they don’t use their eyes actively. Motorists often fail to see the car running a…

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If You Are Injured In An Accident, Always Seek Medical Attention

Not all car accident injuries are obvious at first. Even if you feel OK and your car’s damage is not extensive, you should always get a medical evaluation to rule out injuries with delayed symptoms. Some serious injury types can take time to develop, and quick medical attention reduces the risk of complications and speeds…

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Important Information and Documents You Need for Your Consultation

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured in a car accident can have you a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. In order to ensure your meeting goes well, you don’t want to show-up to your meeting empty-handed. Give your potential lawyer as much information as possible in order for him…

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The South Carolina Moped Bill

On January 14, a moped bill was passed by the South Carolina House of Representatives. The bill, which has not been approved by the Senate, would put certain restrictions on moped riders. If made a law, here are some restrictions and regulations the bill would put on those who ride mopeds: The bill would require moped…