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Don’t Sign Anything: Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer

For many people, the worst part about being injured through the fault of another isn’t the injury itself. It’s not even the road to recovery. It’s the strong-arm, bullying tactics of insurance companies trying to goad you into signing off on a lowball offer. The pressure is so great that many people just sign on … Continued

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Personal Injury Settlement

Do I Need To Pay Taxes On My Personal Injury Settlement?

Death and taxes—two things that, as the saying goes, are inevitable in life. The government takes its cut from just about everything we make. Many people wonder whether or not this also applies to personal injury settlements. If you’ve been hurt in an accident and you get a sizable settlement from the other party, do … Continued

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File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in South Carolina

When Is It Too Late To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit In South Carolina?

Our country’s legal system is set up so that the possibility of filing a lawsuit doesn’t last forever. A lawsuit filed long after the event in question would face a number of obstacles, including unclear memories, conflicting stories, misplaced evidence and difficulty tracking down witnesses who may have left the area or passed away. The … Continued

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What If My Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

What If My Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

We’ve all heard cases of humans performing miraculous feats. Mothers lifting cars off of children, football players making a game-winning touchdown with a broken leg or torn ACL, or people walking away from car crashes seemingly unaffected, only to find out they had serious internal injuries. These acts are all due to a chemical in … Continued

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18-wheeler Truck Accident Stock Photo

What A Lawyer Can Do For You After A Big Truck Accident

When you are injured in any vehicular accident, it’s not only traumatic, it’s frustrating and heartbreaking. You might have months or even years of medical bills, therapy and recovery ahead of you. You have lost out on your ability to hold down meaningful employment but you don’t know where to turn to get compensated for … Continued

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Young Woman Consoling Elderly Woman Stock Photo

How To Find The Right Nursing Home In Columbia, South Carolina

Putting a family member into nursing home care is a stressful process. Nobody wants to admit that their elderly loved ones can no longer live independently, nor do they want to admit that they are incapable of providing the needed care. When you do make this decision, you want to be sure that the facility … Continued

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Commercial Truck Accident On Ramp Stock Photo

How Fault Is Determined In A Commercial Truck Accident

Truck accidents are truly awful in general. While they make up only a small fraction of the number of vehicular accidents on the roads, the damage they cause tends to be catastrophically larger due to the sheer size and weight of the vehicle involved. When you or a loved one gets hurt in an accident, … Continued

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Carpenter Working With Wood Stock Photo

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation: Is Your Injury Covered?

Workers’ compensation is an important part of your health and safety in the workplace. It is a form of insurance that employers are required to carry which protects employees who become injured in the course of employment. Too many workers, however, fail to file claims because they’re not sure that the injury or illness they … Continued

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Construction Worker Working On A Job Site Stock Photo

How To Apply For Workers’ Compensation In Columbia

Workers’ compensation is a mystery to many people across the nation. They know it’s out there, and they may ask in a joking way, “Can I get workers’ comp for this?” when they suffer a minor injury, but few actually know exactly what workers’ compensation is, how it works or what purpose it serves. When … Continued

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