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Remember These 5 Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Your Road Trip

Labor Day is fast approaching, which means vacations will soon be in order. South Carolina personal injury attorneys Harris and Graves want to prevent another Columbia car accident. Read on to learn five simple tips to make your Labor Day road trip a safe and fun adventure for the whole family. Tip One: Routine Maintenance … Continued

Car Accident Attorney

What to Expect After Your Columbia Car Accident Case Settlement

So your case is finished and you have won a settlement equaling damages or compensation. Unfortunately, you aren’t finished yet. You may have won the lawsuit, but you may still have a battle on your hands to collect it. Here’s what you can expect in the aftermath of a Columbia car accident judgment. Timing for … Continued

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The Four Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

In the aftermath of a car accident, some injuries are obvious, but it is not unusual for a driver or passenger to be disoriented enough that car accident injuries go unnoticed for minutes, hours or even days. While many of these are minor injuries that go away after a short time, it is important to … Continued

Car Accident Deposition

What To Expect During A Car Accident Deposition in the Carolinas

Auto accident cases where you’re trying to get compensated for damages are civil cases, as opposed to criminal cases, and carry their own unique process. The first step in negotiating for damage recovery is the process of deposition, a less formal meeting where each side tells their story about what happened. Learn what to expect … Continued

Accident Case Goes to Trial

What To Expect If Your Car Accident Case Goes To Trial in South Carolina

The truth is that most personal injury cases get settled out of court, through negotiation and back-and-forth between you, your attorney, and the insurance companies and other parties involved. Sometimes, however, an agreement can’t be reached and it’s necessary to go to court to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Learn what happens … Continued

What If My Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

What If My Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

We’ve all heard cases of humans performing miraculous feats. Mothers lifting cars off of children, football players making a game-winning touchdown with a broken leg or torn ACL, or people walking away from car crashes seemingly unaffected, only to find out they had serious internal injuries. These acts are all due to a chemical in … Continued