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Bicycle Safety Tips All Riders Need To Follow

Young Couple Riding Their Bikes On A Dirt Road Stock Photo

Recently, a bicyclist was hit and killed in Cayce. The bicyclist was traveling along a road that does not have a bike lane but that bicyclists commonly use. While bicycling can be a healthy and enjoyable way to get to and from places, it is important for bicyclists to use proper precaution, especially when traveling on roads with high-speed motorists.

  • When possible, use roads with a bike lane. Bike lanes give you a larger buffer between you and any vehicles on the road.
  • If there is not a bike lane, travel as close to the edge of the road as possible. In some cases, you may even want to travel on the grass.
  • Keep your bike in top condition. Then you will be less likely to suffer a breakdown of your bike while traveling on a busy road.
  • Carry a basic bike repair kit with you, especially when traveling long distances. It should include at least a multi-functional tool, a pump, and tire repair patches. Make sure to do any bike repairs in the grass or in another area where you will out of the way of drivers.
  • Obey traffic laws as though you are a motorist. This means yielding to pedestrians, waiting your turn at stop signs, and stopping at stop lights.
  • Never weave between parked vehicles.
  • Always wear a helmet. Some bicyclists also wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and other protective gear. Whether you use these items will depend upon where you usually bicycle, how far you travel, and other your comfort level with this gear.
  • Wear bright clothing. Although you might think it is easy for drivers to see you, sometimes they are not paying as much attention as they should. Bright clothing will make you more visible.
  • When traveling after dark, make sure you have on reflective gear and that your bike is properly equipped with a headlight and a tail light.

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