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Ball Player Dedicates Game To Loved One Lost In South Carolina Car Accident

There’s nothing more difficult than trying to return to a normal life after losing someone you love. It’s especially difficult when that loved one is taken away without warning. As wrongful death lawyers in Greenville, we know that’s the unfortunate reality that surviving families face after deadly accidents. Many approach grief head-on, moving forward with their lives and dedicating their actions to those they’ve lost. That’s what a local baseball player has done.

A young man took the mound at the Southeast Regional Championship last month. Weeks before he’d lost a beloved nephew in a terrible auto accident in Dorchester. He would dedicate that championship game to the memory of his nephew, playing with grief but also playing with heart.

His teammates and coach became the support system the young player needed. According to the coach, “He didn’t say anything. He’s one of those guys, he’s not a big talker. You can look in his eyes and tell he’s [feeling it]… He needed something good to happen to him… He still has to deal with it.”

It must have been tremendously hard for the young pitcher to play that game, but he did so without ever losing track of who he was playing for. “To be honest, I thought about him every time I came in,” the player said. “I was just like, ‘I’m doing this for you… I’ve got to do great for you.”

The player’s courage paid off as he helped lead his team to a victory. In fact, the game was his best of all three of his starts this season. Winning games might not take away the heartbreak but getting back out on the field is a step toward acceptance and possibly even closure.

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