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How To Avoid Pool Accidents This Summer

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Many people dream of having a pool in their backyard, and every year more people realize that dream. Pools can provide tons of fun and fitness, and make your home a destination for guests and barbecues. They also can open up a world of liability. You want to be sure that you take all precautions to avoid other people getting hurt in or around your pool. Learn these important safety tips to make sure you avoid pool accidents this summer, and how a premises liability lawyer can help if you are hurt.

Pool Accidents and Trespasser Liability

Did you know that sometimes, even if someone has scaled a fence and invaded your yard without your permission, you can be held liable for pool accidents on your property? This is unfortunate and may seem unfair, but it has happened. Likewise, if you or your child are harmed due to an accident in or around someone else’s pool, the homeowner is liable for that injury and obligated to compensate you for damages.

Determining Liability

Liability laws revolve almost entirely around the idea of negligence, or the concept that every person has a reasonable duty of care to others around them. The owner of a pool is expected to take the precautions that any reasonable person would take to avoid accidents and injuries. This means that you want to keep your pool secure at all times. Pools can be considered what is known as an “attractive nuisance,” which is a legal loophole that can be used to overcome lack of liability for trespassers based on the idea that the pool is attractive to kids.

Keeping Your Pool Secure

Make sure that your pool is constantly maintained in good condition that is up to all local codes and safety standards. Make sure that your pool is well sealed off from unwanted intruders, including high fences, gates and the like so that it is inaccessible when you don’t want people in it. Many local municipalities require special covers to keep people out. Make sure that you surround the pool with a non-slip surface and keep it clear of puddles, leaks or obstacles that could cause slip-and-fall incidents.

If You Are Injured

If you are at a friend or acquaintance’s home and suffer an injury from an accident, you may be entitled to compensation to help in your recovery. Your best bet in this situation is to get in touch with a qualified South Carolina personal injury attorney. An injury lawyer has the skills to do battle with stubborn bullying tactics applied by insurance companies. They know how to make sure that you are fully covered for the injuries you suffer and for all damages to which you are entitled, so you can pay your bills and get back on your feet.

If you have suffered a pool injury and are in need of representation, read about our personal injury services, and get in touch for a free consultation today!