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Annual ‘Buckle Up, South Carolina, It’s The Law And It’s Enforced!’ Campaign Launches Statewide

Buckling up to protect yourself and your family is something our car accident lawyers in Greenville have touched on in many previous posts. The topic is so important, however, that it’s always worth revisiting. It’s also a topic that’s at the forefront for law enforcement in our state as they roll out the annual ‘Buckle Up, South Carolina, It’s The Law And It’s Enforced!’ campaign.

The campaign began on May 13th, but this year police officers aren’t just handing out tickets to those who don’t wear their seatbelts. They are also handing out coupons to those who do obey the law. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has teamed with Chick-fil-A for another campaign called ‘Click’n 4 Chicken.’ With this campaign, troopers across the state have been given Chick-fil-A coupons to hand out to motorists who have their seat belts fastened. Over 55,000 coupons have been donated by the fast food chain.

It’s all in an effort to reduce traffic deaths to zero, a daunting task that will only be remotely possible if all drivers and passengers are properly restrained in vehicles. South Carolina has a pretty good track record with seat belt compliance, though, with some reports saying as many as 90% of South Carolina motorists wear their seat belts.

Police aren’t just talking about how seat belts save lives, they are demonstrating it. At some Chick-fil-A locations, South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers have set up simulators to show what happens when drivers aren’t buckled up in a rollover crash. You can see what it looks like when occupants are buckled up HERE and how quickly things can go bad when they aren’t buckled up HERE.

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