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Accidents Caused By Road Defects

Now that winter is here, roads in the Columbia area could become more dangerous in more ways that one. Columbia car accident attorneys are usually busy now with accidents involving wintry roads, though it can also happen through a road defect. The latter is usually the result of negligence on the part of community municipalities that are supposed to keep roads in top condition. However, due to bad weather and general deterioration as a result, situations could occur on these roads that cause serious accidents and injuries. It could even lead to another car plowing into yours.

Here at Harris & Graves, P.A., we see situations like this often, and we’ve successfully fought back against those responsible for letting road defects happen. But sometimes it’s not just natural situations causing road problems. It can happen as the result of much more egregious negligence.

What Other Road Defects Might You Encounter?

Construction site maintenance is sometimes a major problem that may also be neglected. Accidents can easily be caused by construction equipment in the way that can’t be seen. It could also be a pothole or other road issue that hadn’t been clearly marked by signs.

A lot of times, it’s just general municipal negligence where there isn’t any care in maintaining a major roadway. Those responsible can be held legally responsible and could technically have to pay you compensation for injuries you incurred. Potholes, for instance, can cause serious injuries and also two-car accidents when they can’t be seen. If you’re out driving at night, these can cause serious damages to you and your vehicle.

The same can be said for other lack of safeguards on roads like no guardrails, or drop-offs around shoulders. These could cause you to go over a precipice if you’re driving along a road at a high elevation. In this scenario, your physical injuries could be devastating while also totaling your car.

Contact us here at Harris & Graves, P.A. if you’ve just been in a car accident that involves a road defect. We’ll fight to gain justice and compensation for you against those who don’t take proper responsibility for our road safety.