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Remember These 5 Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Your Road Trip

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Labor Day is fast approaching, which means vacations will soon be in order. South Carolina personal injury attorneys Harris and Graves want to prevent another Columbia car accident. Read on to learn five simple tips to make your Labor Day road trip a safe and fun adventure for the whole family.

Tip One: Routine Maintenance

It’s no secret that people often ignore what their car is trying to tell them. Whether it’s driving with the “check engine” light on or waiting until your car is running on nothing but fumes and willpower to stop at a gas station, people tend to force their vehicle to work harder than normal. It seems like common sense, but it is particularly important when driving long distances to make sure everything in the vehicle is in working order. Paying and waiting for a routine inspection or specific maintenance may seem tedious, but so is pulling over on the side of an unfamiliar highway because your car is overheating. Spend a little time and money before your trip to avoid bigger costs later.

Tip Two: Pack Smart

People inevitably forget something when packing. When going on any trip, prepare a list beforehand of crucial items so that your trip doesn’t turn into a disaster. In the event of an emergency, preparedness can make all the difference. Phone chargers, first aid kits, sunblock and water are simple items that we grow accustomed to having at home but are easy to forget to bring abroad.

When preparing for a road trip, include a spare tire, tools, jumper cables and a flashlight. Although the first tip should make car-related problem less likely, some realities of driving are simply unavoidable. Having the right items at the right time can lessen the delay and allow you to continue your trip safely.

Tip Three: Cater to Specific Needs

Different passengers will have different requirements; therefore, it’s imperative to assess the needs and dangers unique to each person. Age, ability and health conditions are important to consider when taking trips. Children can get into a lot of trouble on long drives, so keep dangerous things out of reach and make sure the child locks are on. Calling 866-SEAT-CHECK will help you find a place that will inspect how a child’s car seat is installed and make sure it is correct.

Diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and skin sensitivity are all common health conditions that can be routinely ignored by those who do not suffer from them. Pack appropriate snacks, medications and protection to prevent a dangerous situation such as sun poisoning or extremely low blood sugar.

Tip Four: Know What to Leave Behind

On the opposite side of being unprepared, there is the danger of packing too much. Keep in mind that filling your car to the brim with suitcases, coolers, pool toys and the like can reduce visibility and comfort and create an onslaught of deadly projectiles in the event of an accident. Pack appropriately, but leave enough room for the passengers to have a secure and comfortable ride.

Tip Five: Know What to Do When a Columbia Accident Occurs

One of the most common things people do after an accident is try to move. However, this can do much more harm than good, worsening injuries or creating new ones. Wait for medical professionals before taking action.

It is important to remember that 911 is not the universal standard for emergency services. 066 is standard in Mexico and Canadian emergency service lines differ across the country. If your trip will take you out of the United States, do a bit of research beforehand.

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