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Three Ways Insurance Companies Derail Personal Injury Victims

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When you are trying to file a personal injury claim with an insurance company, you expect to be handled with honesty and fairness. However, that is not always the case. While many insurance adjusters employ fair and honorable methods, sadly, some will not. There are a variety of tricks that the less than scrupulous adjusters will use, and we here at Harris and Graves are more than happy to let you in on a few of these ploys. Discover some of the more common ways insurance adjusters will try to keep from paying you what you are rightfully owed in a personal injury claim.

Request Compensation from All Involved Parties

Many times there is more than one insurance company involved in a personal injury claim: your own insurance company and that which you are filing a claim against. Sometimes, depending upon the nature of the accident, there may be three or more. Some adjusters might tell you that you have to settle with one of the other insurance companies, saying that their insured was not at fault or did not have the same level of blame as another party. You are legally allowed to request compensation from all involved parties’ insurance companies until one company accepts fault for the accident, usually through means of a legal process. Do not let an adjuster tell you otherwise.

Know the Statute of Limitations for your State

These claims are not processed overnight. In fact, they are often long, drawn out processes. For one reason or another, adjusters will sometimes tell claimants that they waited too long to file a claim. This is not true. The only applicable statutes of limitations are those applied by the state. These vary from state to state and often include provisions that can extend the statute even further. There are some instances where an insurance company will tell you that too much time has passed and they will not be able to investigate the accident themselves, effectively denying your claim. This is a very tricky situation, as sometimes evidence is destroyed or the scene if the accident is no longer accessible. In this case, we highly suggest that you contact a personal injury attorney at once.

Seek Reimbursement

Because these cases have a tendency to drag on, you may file under your own insurance policy to pay for medical bills while waiting for fault to be determined and the insurance companies to begin their process. When this happens and you consequently ask the responsible party’s insurance company for your settlement, some adjusters may ask if your own insurance has already paid the bills. This is illegal. If you used your sick days or accrued vacation time because of someone else’s negligence, that is not relevant to the insurance claim and you are not required to provide that information. There are extenuating circumstances with this area of personal injury law as well, so we advise you to contact an attorney if an adjuster approaches you with this line of questioning.

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