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3 Signs That Your Workers’ Comp Case Isn’t Being Handled Properly

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If you have recently been hurt while you were on the job, you might have filed a workers’ compensation claim. In the best of circumstances, these cases are handled quickly, professionally and properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Luckily, the Columbia workers’ comp attorneys at Harris & Graves, P.A. can help you. These are a few signs that your workers’ comp case isn’t being handled properly and that you need the assistance of a lawyer.

Your Medical Bills Aren’t Being Paid

The last thing that you should have to worry about while you are healing is paying your own medical bills. Workers’ compensation should be handling these bills for you. If you’re steadily getting bills in the mail and nothing is being paid, a lawyer can help.

You’re Being Urged To Return To Work

You should be reimbursed for lost wages while you are out of work for your injury, and your employer should not expect you to come back to work until you have been medically cleared to do so. If your employer is urging you to come back to work before you are ready, or if you fear that you’ll have to return to work because you aren’t being reimbursed for your lost wages, then it’s time to seek legal counsel.

You’re Hearing Rumors

You certainly should not trust every rumor that you hear about your job. If you’ve been hearing that employees are being asked to lie about the circumstances surrounding your accident or if you are hearing other frightening rumors, a lawyer can look into your case to ensure that it’s being handled legally and correctly.

Handling your end of a workers’ comp claim on your own can be tough, especially if it isn’t being taken care of like it should be. If you contact us today, however, we can talk to you about your case and give you the legal assistance that you need.